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Green energy abroad

Romania in August, Greece in January

String inverters will provide green power to a rural zone in Western Romania

Engineering support in Romania

Hanergy PV panels & ULTRA inverters located near some wind turbines

Engineering support in Greece

New job, new vision

Large ground-mount PV plants in Provence

While 200 string inverters are used at this 4MW solar plant facing Mont Ventoux

That's more than 14000 Solon poly c-Si modules!

… 30 central inverters convert DC to AC at this 12 MW plant near Aix-en-Provence :

That's about 150000 First Solar CdTe modules!

Team accomplishments

2.5MW more clean power for France

That rounds up to about 14,000 PV modules, not bad eh!

My own solar photovoltaic system

A view of the 3-kilowatt roof

Last 6 months production:

Click here for a detailed monitoring

BIPV system installation

My latest video in an effort to advocate the use of solar energy

c-Si PV module assembly process

  • Daniel Deng - Climbing On Branches, Kapok (YingYing's Language of Flowers)

Flash solar simulator

A lab tour on how electrical certification of PV modules work

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